Friday, July 17, 2009

Chickens in the Trees and the New Babies

We had to clean the chicken coop out again today. The babies dumped all of their water and the litter was soaked. Nothing worse than wet litter mixed with chicken poop. So while we were cleaning the coop the big girls got to go out and free range. I haven't been letting them out of the coop because...well...they do this....

Roost in the trees. Not just roost but roost very high up. And they won't come down or go back into the coop despite begging on my part. Despite me playing chicken pinata with the broom to get them down. Dumbest creatures I've met. Of course they are probably saying the same thing about me. This is Chipmunk. She's a dog. No really. She may look like a chicken but she's a dog. I'm sure of it. Follows us around the yard, likes to sit in our laps and talks to us constantly.

Notice how high up Rosie is. Amidst the poison ivy and vines and at least six feet over my head. No chance of anyone capturing her. She clucked (read laughed here) all afternoon at me.

Then she called all of her friends and made them laugh at me too.

And Raisin came to see what the excitement was.

Rum joined them after her egg laying was done.

And Cotton, the very cranky Rooster stood guard down below causing a ruckus because he couldn't reach his girls and they weren't listening to him. I know the feeling Cotton, I know the feeling!

This is a bucket O' chicken. Babies. Eight weeks old now. And have been mingling with the big girls during the day without too much incidence.

I do have my favorite babies though. Like this White Rock. She doesn't have a name. Still.

Any ideas?
Oh and this baby. This is Ruby. We thought she was a Rooster but maybe not. Our Easter Eggers are much bigger than the other girls. Strapping you might say.

Isn't she marked so pretty?

Yes, I think she is my favorite.


Marilyn's Money said...

I love your chickens, we have chickens too!

homeschool mamma said...

Marilyn-post some pictures of your chickens on your blog-would love to see them.