Friday, August 29, 2008

To Hive and Hive Not

I'm down for the count again today. I can barely move due to the joint and muscle pain and the headache is back a bit. At least I was able to get a nap in. The house chores and yard chores got pushed to the side. Maybe the weekend will bring some energy. I'm waiting for my milk thistle to arrive. UPS says it's at the main headquarters here in RI. It's not slated for delivery until Tuesday but I hope it comes tomorrow. I have to go for bloodwork next week and really want to get my liver function tests back on track. I think a lot of my being tired and not having any energy is stemming from that. I'm hoping the milk thistle will give me what I need to get healthy.

My youngest Tae had a bloody nose again today. He gets them often. He was quite cranky today too so I put him down for a nap. At age 4 1/2 he doesn't usually nap anymore but every once in a while he needs one. When he woke up from his nap I was also sleeping and found him out by the chicken coop with his brother. Morgan said to me, "Tae has bug bites". I pretty much ignored the comment. We live in the woods-of course he has bug bites.

I wandered outside to see what the boys were doing. Geee- something looks funny on your face Tae...and on your neck. OMG! He was covered in hives, his eye was swollen, he had huge hives on the back of his neck and on his belly and back. "I itchy momma!" I walked over to the neighbors to get her opinion as she has kids with multiple allergies. We promptly gave him a Benedryl cocktail. Now the task becomes to see what caused the hives. He did have peanut butter for lunch but eats it a lot and has never had a problem. Ramen noodles? Juice. Arrgghh. I have no idea. Kinda scary.
He was better within half an hour of taking the antihistamine but geeez.

I watched the DNC last night. It was very exciting. One thing about being sick and housebound is the fact that I got to watch a lot of the olympics and the DNC. I'm looking forward to the Republican National Convention next week too. It was interesting to watch McCains choice for VP be announced today.
I wonder how this will turn out.

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Marybeth said...

HIVES! Oh my! They can be a scary find that's for sure. Just a quick FYI about the peanut butter thing -We have a niece in Chicago that almost died last summer because of anaphalaxys...from peanut butter. She'd been eating it since she was a tot, but the Doc's said she apparently had a 'dormant' type of allergy. It reared it's ugly head late one night when she complained about a sore throat *(that's not a sore throat, Shelia, that's a closed throat!!) and a hard time breathing...It was all very scary.
She's been fine since her run in with the nut, but...We're all more careful now.