Monday, August 25, 2008

The Homeschool Gardener

So 3 people have emailed me and wanted to know why the blog is called The Homeschool Gardener. Seriously, I think I have seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I'm miserable during the winter and thrive in the summer. Gardening is my secret affair. At least my husband doesn't have to worry-he always knows where to find me.

Actually, my giddyness starts in March when the seed catalogs arrive. Burpee, Johnny Seed, Stark Bros. Nothing makes me happier than choosing seeds, tilling the garden, adding the chicken manure, planning out the vegetable beds and getting dirt under my nails. I love the smell of dirt. Yeah, I know-for some it's chocolate chip cookies (ok I love that too) but freshly tilled dirt helps you grow your soul. At least that's what my Dad used to say. I think he was probably referring to the hard work and satisfaction of a great crop.

I found a great new company called Stark Brothers. I just placed my order for 2 apple trees, a cherry tree, and 4 blueberry bushes. I wanted some asian pear trees but money is tight right now and My DH got me a great gift certificate from Starks for my 40th birthday.

Back to the blog name (see how easily I get distracted?)Anyway, it's my two first loves.. homeschooling and gardening. I'm cultivating my garden and my kids education.

My third passion has to be photography. We have seen so many beautiful flowers and scenery throughout our travels I have aquired quite a collection of photographs. I've posted three. Very hard to choose.

So that's all for tonight. Blogging is addictive and cathartic for me. Why didn't I do this sooner?


Marybeth said...

Beautiful pictures...Are they from your yard?? Thanks for the update.
Hope M.'s feeling better...
Go, get some rest. We need to improve those d*mned liver functions!!!

hsmamma said...

yes-from my yard.more on the blog tonight