Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's a Sign

I've posted previously that I've had difficulty with my Lyme diagnosis and elevated liver enzymes as a result. Over the past 2 days three different people have given me the same advice. Today, my minister called and told me of the same holistic remedy. Then a friend whom I hadn't heard from in 2 years called to say "hi" and we got talking about Lymes. She gave me yet the same advice.

So what is this miracle cure? Apparently milk thistle. Both my minister and friend both gave me the same brand name of tea-Altiva-to drink. From all the reading I've been doing milk thistle is supposed to detox your liver and there are even some articles on it from the Mayo Clinic.

So after getting wonked up along side the head (I get it God ok?) I went online to a place called http://www.smallflower.com/ and ordered the milk thistle extract and tea bags. I have no idea if it works or not or will work. We'll see next week when my liver function tests are repeated. But I've been much more in tune with what the universe is telling me. Be awake, Be aware. I'll let you know how I make out.

My other treat today was renewing my driver's license at the DMV. I'm still feeling very ill and there was no one to drive me and since it's been 3 weeks since I've driven I figured, why not?

I think a prerequisite for working at DMV is a miserable personality. Geez-how could that many unhappy people be in one place? Anyway, I drove. Big mistake. The Lymes Disease is giving me some really funky symptoms. Things like my arms suddenly falling asleep and having no feeling what-so ever in them. Ever try to drive a car with no feeling in your arms. Call me Raggedy Ann. Try driving with your knees. Same thing. I came home in tears. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow that my husband will be driving me to thankfully.

It just feels like a total brain/body disconnect. How weird to be looking at your hands on the steering wheel but not be able to feel the steering wheel. They do what my brain tells them, but when you can't feel, you have no judgement of pressure, distance and force needed to drive. I was all over the road. I'm downright scary on the road right now. I'm a neuro nurse-you think I would get it but when your body betrays you.....

The other weird thing is that I seem to have forgotten how to type. I'm a 75 wpm typist. I have to hunt and peck now and keep choosing the wrong letters and have to go back and retype. My short term memory is shot and my muscles and joints hurt so bad that narcotics are my friend right now. I can barely read-I don't remember what I've read. I miss paragraphs and can't find my place and it's like I'm half zoned out when I read. I don't sleep, so exhaustion isn't helping. My doc pulled me out of work until the end of September because I'm really not functioning well. Sigh. This too shall pass. In the meantime, two more friends were diagnosed with Lymes from this area. Nasty, nasty ticks. I'd get some guinea hens to eat all the ticks if they weren't so noisy and the neighbors would complain. I may still get them and free range them. We'll see.

I spent the afternoon stuffing envelopes for our fundraiser. Tri-fold, stuff, lick, stamp. How mundane but my brain seemed to understand these simple tasks until I realized that I'd forgotten to put most of the stamps on them and I thought I had. Oi.

My new favorite show is "John and Kate Plus 8". Eight kids. It makes me feel good watching them. We have 3 kids and it renews my faith that yes, I am doing a pretty good job with my kids. They are loves. Each with their own personality and quirks but all with loving hearts and full souls. The picture above is of the 3 of them at the Butterfly exhibit. Patrick-the oldest, Morgan-my daughter and Tae (pronounced Ty) my youngest, exuberant child.
Closing out for tonight-it's taken me way to long to type and correct this. More tomorrow.

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