Thursday, July 21, 2011

4H Happenings

Our 4H group has been meeting through the summer. This past meeting the kids learned how to make wet felting, dyeing wool and felted soap.
 We dyed the wool with Kool-aid so the whole lawn area smelled delicious. The kids wanted to bring the extra packets home and drink them but we actually don't allow Kool Aid as a drink in the house. The coloring and sugar content react adversly with the kids.

 The kids were each given a foil pan and chose their Kool Aid color.

 While some worked on wool dyeing, others worked on making drop spindles.

 Tae had a little dye spilled on his hair.
He was kinda thrilled he'd have blue hair.

 On a previous field trip to Swiss Valley Foundation, the kids were able to see sheep being sheared. They got to see how dirty the wool was and then at the 4H meeting see how the wool had been washed and cleaned.

 They dye colors were very bright.

 Tae chose orange for his wet felting project.

Morgan had a bright purple.
 If there was black she would have chosen that instead.

 Some just smiled so cutely.

 Once the dye was poured the kids placed the wool in the pan
 and poked it to get it all colored and soaked.

 The grass was the perfect spot to do this activity.

 The kids also learned how to make drop spindles with the wool.

 We dried the dyed wool in the grass. How pretty.
 Except for that bottom one-it kind of looks like lunch gone wrong.

 Karen showed how to wrap and wet the felt around the soap to create a scrubby. After dyeing all that wool it helped to get the kids hands really clean.

 It took quite a while to get the wool felted.
The kids had great fun getting all soapy.

 Karen's hands turned bright pink from the dye.

 Once the wool was wrapped around the soap it was placed in nylon. The kids dipped it in water and scrubbed away to felt the wool and join the fibers.

Tae really was having fun here.
 His face doesn't show it but he loved this project.

Our next 4H meeting will be a trip to an Alpaca farm.
The kids (and me too!) can't wait.

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