Sunday, August 21, 2011

The County Fair

Every year we attend our local county fair. It's something the whole family looks forward to and we always learn something new. Homeschooling happens everywhere.

 Larry bought a bunch of tickets for the kids to go on rides.
Why are tickets so expensive?

 See? You can tell from his face how thrilled he is.

 Patrick went on the Round Up. While he was on the ride getting his brains spun, we ran into some friends from church.

 The prizes are always so tempting to the kids.

 A sure sign that the kids are growing up is that they want to ride the adult rides. The dinosaur spinning thing just isn't doing it for my kids anymore.

 So, Larry rode the roller coaster with them.

 Because nothing thrills kids more than getting whipped around at 40 miles an hour and watching your cart plunge to the ground only to be lifted again.

 It's hard to catch clear pictures of the carts racing by.

 And it's a county fair so what more would you expect
 than a kiddie pool filled with corn kernels?

 These grist mill stones would look great in my yard.
Anybody have any they want to donate to me?

 Morgan thought the baby cradle sled was awesome.
All I could think of was the episode of Little House on the Prairie where baby Grace is bundled up and Pa is pulling her in one of these contraptions.
 I think he was hunting for turkeys or something.
Did I mention that I love Little House on the Prairie?

 The old iceboxes were so fund to look at although I can't imagine hauling the ice would be that fun. I'm kinda fond of the icemaker in my refrigerator.

 And the Spinner's Club sat and spun fibers from some of the sheep at the fair.

 Daniel Boone made an appearance too.

 Morgan was quite annoyed that I asked her to pose in a dress.
Yes, her face is sideways.

 The food court is always popular. Corn Dogs, Kielbasa, chowder,
 clamcakes, doughboys, oh my!

 The onion blossom was really good.

 The animal barns are my favorite.
 These goats were so cute.

People name their animals funny names.
Shrek and Fiona were the names of two goats.

These were Jakob sheeps that originated from Syria.
They had 4 horns instead of 2.

 The ginormous pig is there every year with her babies.
This year she had 10 babies.
Apparently nursing in public didn't bother her....or anyone else.

 This little beauty is named Piper.
We bought raffle tickets to win her.
How we'd get her home if we really did win, I have no idea.

 Strawberry Shortcake ended our day.
Sadly this year-I'm pretty sure they were canned strawberries.

 Morgan preferred the Cotton Candy.

 Some man at a religious booth gave her a dog ballon sculpture and tried to tell her a rainbow biblical story. Morgan let him know it was also the color of our UU rainbow principles.
 We bought some local honey.

 Tae was facinated with the bees under glass. The bees had started to make honey combs and did a frantic dance around the queen.

 We bought two different kinds of honey. The lighter one was wildflower honey and the darker one came from dark wildflowers. The darker one has some molasses undertones and finishes with the sweet honey flavor.

Can't wait until next year!

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Anonymous said...

Love your fair trip. The first day of the fair, ride tickets were 12 for $15 and rides that day were all 1 ticket. They sure do get you on the ride tickets though. We played one game and won a big prize first time. I was prepared to share the lesson that carnival games are a rip off. That lesson is now stored for another time