Thursday, July 7, 2011

A House Blessing

We had a church service auction and our minister auctioned off a House Blessing.
This weekend our family will be blessed.
 We have about 25-30 people coming-all church friends. 
After the House Blessing we will have a cookout and some swimming in the pool.

 I've pulled together my linens for the table and some shish-ka-bob skewers.

 My friend Tracy gave me these canisters.
 I removed the lids and will use them as plastic ware servers.

I also bought lots of candles for the House Blessing Reading, some blue gems to put in water for those that want to speak of blessing in their lives and have purchased a small gift for our minister. She has been an Interim but has blessed us this passed year with her wonderful ministry. The house blessing is this Saturday. I'll be sure to post pictures of the event.
We are so fortunate to have a wonderful UU church community.

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Sara said...

What a really cool idea!