Friday, January 14, 2011

Stupid Dog

This dog that I love with all my heart
is going to be the death of me.
Stupid Dog.

This is what Homeschooling a teen looks like.
Short dog must find the smallest place to cram
his NOT svelte figure into.
Stupid Dog.
Today I came home to find short dog limping and screaming in pain.
Stupid Dog.
He jumped off the couch to greet us and got hurt.
Now one might say "How in the world did he do that?"
When you are half English Bulldog and half Dachshund
and your legs are 3 inches long...
it's pretty darn easy to injure yourself.
Poor Harley could not put any weight on his leg.
Stupid Dog.
See that left crooked leg? It's more like a flipper.
Think NEMO.
Think of me, walking with my cane and my teen trying to get the dog in the
car to go emergently into the Vet's office in a panic.
Stupid Dog.
Think about me leaving my 11 year old home in charge of the
6 year old while
I blasted out the door in fear that
short dog's leg was busted.
Stupid dog.
Think about how the dog was perfectly fine by
the time we got to the Vet's office.
And they gave him cookies too.
Stupid Dog.
Think about this perfectly ridiculous dog.....that greets me with kisses and tail nub wags and eats my shoes and must have his head buried behind me when laying on the couch. Think of this dog that get frostbite on his belly 'cause it drags on the ground in snow storms.
Stupid Dog.
I'm very glad you are okay.

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