Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Important Things

Like many, it has been hard to get the Arizona shootings off my mind. I have been watching those recovering in hospitals and those that have been laid to rest. Several of my friends are also "stuck" on the story of the shootings. It's hard to move on when you feel helpless and don't understand circumstances or the full story. I feel much like I did after September 11th.

Disbelief, uncertainty...being unsettled.

Several years ago, I did a sermon at church on Organ Donation. I told of a younger woman that had died, of her family and how her organs were donated. Work in the ICU was not always easy. With those that healed from injuries, there were also those that passed on. Working with the patients and families who were donating organs was some of my most fulfilling work.
It was hard and sad and joyful.
Making decisions such as donating organs when your own grief is overwhelming you, cannot be easy. I wonder if I would have the strength to get through my grief in such circumstances and to see the gift that Organ Donation is.

Today, I am keeping Christina Taylor Green in my thoughts.

I will hold her family and their grieving for their daughter in my prayers.

Christina's family made the decision to donate her organs after
she died in the Arizona shootings.

The article was posted on the Washington Post.

I will hold the families that received her organs close to my heart knowing that they have been given more time with their loved ones through the grace of a 9 year old girl and her family.
May her family know what a tremendous gift they have in their daughter.

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