Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Snow

More snow pictures from the snow storm.

The chickens were snuggled all...
no, wait, that's another story.
The chicken rotisserie....I mean heat lamp.

Splattered chicken on the wall.

The chicken coop buried under snow.
Actually the heavy snow made it quite warm in the coop.

This is my compost pile.

Snow laden pine tree.

Larry plowing the driveway.
It only took about 4 hours.

24 inches of snow at the last count.
Does it much matter after 12 inches?

The front of the house.

Halfway thru the driveway.

Pine boughs.

Stewie in the plowed path to the chicken coop and barn.

Stewie loves the snow.

Birdhouse on the garden fence.

Buried barn.
Larry calls it the shed.

The buried chicken coop.

The old treefort and tire swing.

Frosty windows.

The bluebird house.
Buried Adirondack chair.

The Willow Tree.

Snow on the Jacuzzi roof.

From the deck looking toward the pool.
Look how much snow.
The view from the deck looking out toward the backyard.

Flower boxes filled with snow.

The tool shed and vegetable garden.

Drifts on the roof.

The berry Christmas wreath that I forgot to put away.
Hope you are staying warm and dry this winter season.


Jennifer said...

What in the world????? Please explain the splattered chicken on the wall. Funny picture but how in the world does that happen? Poor chicken... :(

The Mom said...

Oh my gosh. I've had so many emails about the splattered chicken. It's a ceramic chicken that my kids picked out for $1.99 at Job Lot. They have a weird sense of humor. It has a bobble head, wings, and feet. All in good fun.

Jennifer said...

Ha-ha-ha!!!! Well in that case, I LOVE IT!!!!! I"d definitely buy one of those if I have a chicken house as well!!