Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Bounty

Our summers are pretty laid back. The kids have been happily playing with friends and swimming in the pool. The garden has been in full bounty. Thankfully, Larry is taking care of most of it. The kids have been helping to harvest everything.

They have helped make tons of pickles and relish.

The Zucchini are growing faster than I can do anything with them.
The neighbors run now when they see me coming.

They are delicious though.
Grilled, a little olive oil, a bit of salt. Yum.

The chickens have been happily free ranging....and eating tons of bugs and ticks.

The tomatoes have started to ripen.

Pumpkins are growing.

There are always tomatoes in hiding.

The jungle is awful to try to get through.

Morgan and her BFF have been doing lots of arts and crafts.

And they made me this cake for my birthday.
It was decorated in Smarties....my favorite candy.
If you don't know what to buy me.....bring Smarties.
And one of our homeschool kids Maegan made me and our friend Lisa this glorious cake. She drew everything herself. Can you see the bird in the tree. It's a picture of my backyard complete with the blue pond on the right side. It was delicious.

And the husband and kids got me this breadmaker.
I love it and have been having so much fun.
It's so much easier for me.
This was my first attempt.
It's a HUGE 2 pound loaf.
I will make it smaller next time but it was delicious.
I've made a cinnamon-raisin bread and some homemade pizza dough too.
This was Morgan find in the garden today.
There is always one Zucchini that manages to hide.

Tae likes picking his chili's because they are called Thai Chili's.......get it.
Yah-he's six.
Some of the tomatoes are so large they are falling off the vine while still green. A little time in the window sill will fix that.
The purply colored tomatoes are Japanese tomatoes.
They are delicious.
I am loving all the fresh garden tomatoes.
A simple tomato, basil salad with Balsamic vinegar is just delicious.
Tomato sandwiches.
Tomato-Basil Tart.
Tomato tartine.
Tomato tartlets.
How is your garden growing?

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