Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Old Photos

I'm going through some of my old photographs and decided to post my favorites.
Some of these are a few years old.

Purple Iris in the front garden.

Peony about to bloom.

More Iris.

Our Koi pond.

Patrick surfing at the beach...on his belly.

Tae sound asleep with his Tigger.

Sunflower from our garden.

Another covered in bees.

An old family photo from several years ago.

Can you tell I love Sunflowers?

The barn at the Franconia Inn in New Hampshire.
We spent a lovely weekend there many moons ago.

Patrick and Morgan in Sepia buried in the snow.

One of the many frogs that visit our ponds.

This was a dragon that I painted many years ago on the walls of Patrick's bedroom. The eyes glowed in the dark. I'm no artist but had so much fun painting this. I'm not real sure why the Dragon's arm is coming out of his chest. As I said, no artist here.
This room is now our homeschool room/my office. Teeny, tiny room.

Frittillary butterfly on my Echinacea.
Say that 10 times fast.

Zoom in.
So pretty.

Love this photo of the bird eggs.
These were purple finch eggs. I think.
Enjoy your summer!

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