Monday, August 16, 2010

I Went to the Animal Fair.....

It's Country Fair time.
Who remembers the song....."I went to the Animal Fair"?
"I went to the animal fair, The birds and the beasts were there.
The big baboon by the light of the moon,Was combing his auburn hair."
I had to took the lyrics up online and funny thing is I remember the second verse completely different. Something about a Monkey getting drunk.
Ah well.
We had a great time at the fair.
The teenager was sullen because there were no veggie burgers.

Little man hammed it up for the camera.

We saw some really cool exhibit on bee keeping.
The woman in the booth yelled at me because
my flash was scaring the bees.
So I shut my flash off.
That's the bright sun shining on the glass.
I guess bright sun doesn't scare bees but flash does.
They have really cool exhibits of old fashioned things like this water heater to scrub laundry. Just load up with wood (or coal?) and wait 3 hours then scrub until your nails are raw.

But then modern technology came into play in the 1940's with the invention of this beauty. I especially love how it wrings the clothes out.
Remind me not to complain about the heaps of laundry and my high efficiency washing machine that completes the job in no time.

This freezer box was metal but we actually have one made out of oak. My husband refurbished it. We use it in the master bath as a storage cabinet.

There is something about this stove that I love.

I'm not really sure why this outhouse was suspended on the wall....or had a radio in it.

I don't know what calf starter is but I loved this old can.

We had one of these on the farm when I was a girl.

A tiny display of a Farmer's Market was delightful.

We ate lots of food.
The clamcakes were really good.

And then there were goats.
We still want goats.
Patrick checked them all out.
Love the stripe on these.
This one's pattern was so pretty.

We watched the cows being shown in the ring.
Tae thought it was hysterical when he saw one of the kids putting polish on the cow's hooves. Then he laughed even more when the cow peed on her freshly painted toes.

He thought this one's black spot looked like Mickey Mouse.

We weren't crazy about the LaMancha goats with their nubby little ears....or lack there of. Just seems like someone chopped them off.

I couldn't stand the cuteness of this little sheep.

Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full.
Tae was laughing at this sheep who kept scratching his backside on the fence.

Patrick learned about hoof trimming.

This huge mama pig just layed there for hours, never moving while the babes nursed and nursed. Look in the back for the pile o' pigs.

I forgot how scrawny baby pigs are.

Annabelle was being raffled off. Isn't she gorgeous.
Not sure what we would do with her if we won.

Patrick thought this Rooster looked like Elvis.

He had the biggest comb that flopped over.

The marking on this Seabright were beautiful.
Tired bird.

Tae loved this portable chicken coop.

He had fun walking on the cans.

The craft barns had some beautiful quilts on display.
Such tiny, delicate work.

This Kimono quilt would look great in my house.

French fries.

And Onion Rings.

And Cotton Candy.

And Strawberry Shortcake.
Okay that was REALLY good.

And Strawberry smoothies.

The music line-up.
Bucky Covington.......really?

They put in a small roller coaster this year.
People still scream just as loud.

I hate this scary ride that flips you around and hangs you upside down.

The kids roller coaster was this creepy caterpillar.
Anyone else find him disturbing?

We bought Tae this dog marionette that he named Two Shoes.
It cost 12 million dollars.
That comes out to about 2 million per inch.
Please Come Again.
We year.

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Jennifer said...

I remember it, too...
the monkey he got drunk and sat on the elephant's truck, the elephant sneezed and fell on his knees and that was the end of the monk, the monk, the monk. :)