Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Relaxing on the Lake

About a month ago, I visited some church friends for dinner and movie night. We had the best time. Their house is right on a lake and we took their speedboat out for a sunset cruise.
What fun!

Getting ready to depart.

Her very cute dog Zorro went along for the ride.

YAH! Horrifying picture of me.
You try taking your picture while you are speeding along.
Not easy!
The sun was setting as we left.

Laurie and Stella.

Some of the bridges and old train tracks we went under.

Purply sunset.

The weather was getting overcast and we felt a few raindrops.
But if you drive fast enough you can out run them.

All of these boats were parked and listening to a band that was playing on the deck of one of the houses for their summer concert series. How cool.

Beautiful lake.

This brown house on the right had a drive up boat dock under their house. It was like a carport for your car. Except for a boat. Their master bedroom was on the front of the house and was wide open for everyone to view inside.
No curtains. That's a little too fishbowl for me.

The gardens around this house were spectacular.
It had a huge flock of Canadian Geese on the lawn.
I'm guessing the gardener doesn't like cleaning up after them.
This is that same brown house. See the peak to the right.
Master Bedroom. Weird.

Or maybe it was the left windows. I can't remember.
The house was like 8000 square feet.

More gorgeous lake.
I was so relaxed.

The sunset changed minute to minute.
First is was orangy, then changed to purply.

A crayola box would never be able to capture this.

Or this.

Or this.
What has been your moment of peace this summer?

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