Saturday, May 22, 2010

Watching the Yard

I love watching my yard come into full bloom.

The Iris are always lovely.
This is last years Sunflower but I'm hoping to grow more.
They were my Dad's favorite.
And now are my favorite.
They smile at me when I have my morning coffee.
And I can talk to my Dad.
The Koi pond is looking beautiful.

The frogs are frolicking among the lilly pads.
They sing grunting songs all day.

We've seen some Dragonflys or Damselflies.
I can never tell the difference.
I don't think it matters.
I just like the sun glistening off their wings.
Spring has sprung.
The Koi pond is green.
But not too bad.
I'm always amazed at how the fish survive the winter.
They hunker down below the ice.
And grow.
A Lot.
And I don't know how because we don't feed them for 6 months.
The biggest is about 2 feet long.
Although I can't measure it.
Really-it is that big.
Some fish are smaller.
And there is one with a crooked tail that I wrestled the Heron for.
In my pink bathrobe.
And fuzzy slippers.
While my children ate breakfast.
He swims in circles now cause his tail is bent.
The fish...not the Heron.
Do you know how big a Heron's wingspan is?
Or how sharp their beaks are?
'Cause I do.
'Cause he had my favorite fish in his mouth.
And I saved him.
The fish.....not the Heron.
Who was quite humiliated....the Heron...not the fish.
And limped away.
While I coddled the fish.
True Story.
Ask my husband.

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