Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Book Club

The kids in our homeschool group ENRICH-
are really enjoying their time. This month the 9-12 years olds
read Dragon Rider by Rick Riordan.

We have three groups for the book clubs. Ages 5-7, ages 7-12, and ages 12 and above.

The kids started with Brownie Spit and homemade caramel sauce.


The kids had a great time decorating these dinosaur eggs.

These were HUGE eggs.
The kids were all trying to decide what to name their dinosaurs.
Choosing a color was very hard.


Deep in thought......

Tae hung out with the younger kids and did some crafts.

The kids cut out giraffes.

Look how cute!

I love these adirondack chairs.
They make a great spot to ponder a good book.

Egg Artistry.


Blue and Red are delicious.

Lots of texture.
I wonder if the color of the egg determines
dinosaur hatching color?
And yellow and green eggs with splashes of blue.
The teen group was busy elsewhere in the bookstore-mostly hiding from their parents.
Happy Reading!

1 comment:

analicia said...

Great photos!
We're still enjoying our Brownie Spit! The kids want to make Brownie spit-popcorn :)
Oh, and I have to mention that them eggs were dragon eggs! And one must sit on them for a long time (as long as a momma thinks is wise..wink!).