Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday at the County Fair

Is there anything better than a County Fair? We look forward to the Washington County Fair every year. It has a little something for just about everyone.

We love the livestock barns and shows.

Oh and this sweet baby with the big brown eyes.

The kids loved the sheep.

And I so wanted these baby goats. With the little stripe down their head and onto their backs they were just the sweetest.

We watched some sheep grooming. I wonder why they keep the wool around their ankles longer? Seems to me you would want that trimmed too because well then, don't they look like over grown Poodles?

More grooming.

A lot of the farms and landscaping companies had little vinegettes set up. I loved this one. Check out the pathway-it's made of round slices of tree. I may have to try that.

The kids loved the chicken barn and we checked out quite a few breeds that we weren't familiar with. The kids decided that the next time we get chickens we need a breed called Mille Fleur. They were speckled and they really loved the little bantams. Some nice farmer not too far from us, adopted two of our Roosters the other day. Our evil Silkie Rooster left us and one of the new babies that was an Easter Egger also left. We believe there is one Rooster left. Pretty sad when I ordered all hens. The company is refunding our money for the "mistake."

Corn dogs and onion rings. That's what it is about baby!

And sweet girls in their daddy's sunglasses. It's about that too.

Oh and apple fritters. Definitely about that. Let me tell you how good these were.

And carnival rides. It's about that too. My youngest on the biggest slide. Sigh.

Tae so wanted to unscrew this motorcycle and take it home.
Metallic orange is definitely his color.

And Caterpillar rides made a fun time.

The oldest has to do the big kid rides himself.

We watched maple syrup being made. The guy kept going over to taste it. I was beginning to wonder if it was moonshine instead.

The country barn had all of these really cool "appliances" from years past. I'm certainly glad we don't have to use this anymore.

Or this-but I love the clothes wringer on the top.

Oh and I loved these old school desks.

And the drying rack for towels.

We have an old icebox similar to this. Ours is in a natural finish. We use it for storage in our master bath.

And dear daughter suckered her dad into buying her a cowboy hat. She's just adorable.

We didn't do the ferris wheel thingy. Ferris wheels scare me. Not roller coasters.
Just Ferris wheels.
We can't wait to come back next year.


Melissa R said...

Bev, we didn't get to the fair this year but my nephew took home a first prize for his Lego display and other family members took home ribbons as well! Here's the list on my SIL's blog.

Melissa R

Lisa Houle said...

Hey Bev,

We go to this every year also. Because of the rain, we went on Friday (we originally skipped Meetinghouse on Thursday to go). Emily wanted to go back on Sunday because of the cow dung throwing contest. Emily and I entered into the egg toss 17+ contest, and I was glad she wanted to do it. I didn't order the deep-fried Twinky the girls wanted due to the fact it was major junk. When I got home, I got slack from a few people for not doing it. They told me EVERYONE should experience a deep-fried Twinky, especially since we had our choice of adding chocolate syrup and whipped cream. :)