Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh My Gourd!

We officially kick off our homeschool year starting on Tuesday. I've been using the last few days for time for myself and catching up on some crafts. Last year, I grew of ton of gourds and was pretty happy with the crop at the end of the season. This year, I'm not sure what I'll get. The vines have just started to flower and no fruit is even set yet. I have a good two months to go before I would need to harvest them so I'm hoping that I at least get a few.
My gourds from last year have been sitting on a shelf, well, collecting mold. Mold is good for gourds. It helps them dry out and creates amazing patterns on the gourds.

I've been painting decorative gourd birdhouses. This one is my favorite sunflower. I love how all the shapes of the gourds are different. They all have to be sanded completely and it is only after sanding that the true beautiful pattern of the gourd is revealed. The ones that don't have spectacular patterning are the ones that get painted.

This one, is gorgeous with its patterns of sworls and tortoise shell pattern.

It looks like granite. All of these patterns are caused by mold. Mold is good.

I love this Goddess Gourd too. The shape spoke to me. It was all curvy and female.

Here are the three gourds together, all shiny from being polyurethaned. I'm very happy with them. I started sanding several more gourds today. I don't know what they will be yet.


MaryAnne said...

These gourds are beautiful. I had no idea that mold was good for gourds, or that it could create amazing patterns like that!

homeschool mamma said...

Thank you Mary Anne. Just be sure to dry them in your garage or other dry place because mold stinks.