Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Happenings

I thought I didn't have much to blog about until I went thru some pictures and realized how much the kids have been doing this summer.

The Daughter celebrated her 10th birthday. How did that happen?

She asked for Dominoes for her birthday. Dominoes. What fun!
And celebrated with a few friends.
Tae learned to take self portraits.
I wish this child would stop smiling so much.

And this child had so much fun playing his new Finding Nemo game. Even installed the thing by himself. Yes, really, by himself. Our cat Kiwi, made sure he did it right.

We had some fun at the playground at the beach after a seafood dinner.

While Tae pretended he had hairy armpits and Morgan made a tupee' for him.

Our Fireman to be loves driving the firetruck.

The beach in the evening provided some relaxing downtime.

I learned it was ok to let your kids play with knives if they are going to whittle you a very cool cane. Perhaps wearing the linen white church pants wasn't the best idea though.

Moonlight the guard cat watched for things that moved....or didn't and then napped.

The frogs sunned themselves on the warm rocks.

We watched bugs and butterflies on the Echinacea.

And observed all the nature around us.

We practiced some gymnastics in the pool while I calmed my heart palpitations.

I didn't tape Tae's mouth shut. He made a doctor's mask and spectacle and carried his own doctor's case. Yes, he taped the mask to his face all by himself.

Hope you are enjoying your summer.

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Bargain Becky said...

Great pictures Bev! Your children are beautiful!