Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chicken Antics

Our baby chicks are eleven weeks old now and pretty close in size to our big girls. They have been mingling with the big girls during the day but prefer to go back to their corner in the coop where they are used to the perches. The big girls like to give them a peck and chase several times a day just to show them who's boss.

On the left is our White Rock named Sugar. The bird on the right-well we call her Ruby but she might be a Roo. Her comb is hennish but her size and tail feathers are kinda rooish. She's just beautiful and even if she/he is a Rooster-we love her markings.
We'd like to find a home for this evil Rooster named Cotton. He's not actually evil, just dumb. If you sneak up on this bird he will attack you but come face on where he can see you and he loves to be picked up. It must have something to do with him being able to see you coming. My chicken whisperer loves this bird. Me...not so much.

The flock of babies. The one in the front is a Rooster too. He crows. We call him Ginger. Yeah I know-girl name. We ordered all hens and got 2 possible Roosters out of the bunch. Someone was not paying attention at the chicken factory!

Tae is always thrilled when he can catch a chicken. This is Chipmunk, one of our older girls. She thinks she is a dog. Seriously, if we free range her she lies down next our lawn chairs and talks to us. And she likes to lay in your lap and be scratched under the chin. Dog.

See? Dog.

Lap dog.

And a totally cutie patootie kid.

Chicken whisperer and the new Rooster. He's free. The Rooster I mean. I can't get rid of the chicken whisperer because he makes me laugh...and brings me coffee. Let me know if you want a Rooster...and I'll throw in a free cup of coffee.

Chicken Whisperer hypnotizing Chipmunk.

Our big girl Wyandotte with her man. Dig a hole, find some worms.

Cuckoo Marans in a bucket.

Now this is not a burial hole with a dead chicken. Our baby Buff Orpington dug a hole and was taking a dirt bath. Yes, chickens can dig-better than a dog.

Did I mention this beautiful Rooster was FREE !

Ruby? Rudy?
Strapping young lady if it is a hen.

The Dominque'. It's her breed and her name.

Left to right-Sugar/White Rock, Paprika/Easter Egger, Licorice/Australorp. We try to give them all food names. I have no idea why.

We still have several more to name. In time it will come.
For now we are enjoying the chicken show.

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