Friday, April 23, 2010


The weather has been wonderful.
Springtime is everywhere.

Moonlight (the cat) stretches in the sun.

The kids made pinecone birdfeeders.

Our old Willow Tree has beautiful bark.

The deer ate much bark off the lilac bushes this winter.

This is where all the homeschool kids play.
They call it the village.

Our fruit trees are doing well.

The chickens are laying some nice eggs.
Yes, a few golf balls too.

The girls are enjoying the green grass of freeranging again. Some are still barebacked from the mean Roosters we had. Their feathers are slowly growing back.

My garlic is coming up nicely.

The husband tilled the garden.
Look how great the soil looks from the
chicken manure from last year.
My Japonica is blooming.
The buds remind me of strawberries with their little caps.

Pink Phlox.

The pond is a lovely shade of green.
It helps to hide the fish from the heron until the lilly pads cover the pond.
The frogs rather like the greenness of the water too.
The violets are in full bloom.
I will pick these this weekend to make Violet jelly.

The Clematis is getting big heavy heads and ready to bloom.

We gutted this garden. It was filled with over grown ragweed and Baptisia that spread like wildfire. Sometimes you just gotta start fresh. I need to find something to dress up the septic cover. I used to have a chair sitting on it with a watering pail.
I wonder if I could stencil it.
And the lilacs. How I love lilacs.
They are surrounding my deck and under my windows so that when the wind blows I get the scent of fresh lilac in the house.
It's better than Febreze.
Yes-Lilacs are my favorite I think.
Happy Springtime!

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