Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Days Go By Much Too Fast

So my six year old baby started Soccer this week.
He had practice on Monday and his
first game today.

That's him on the far right.
He was so excited.
I love this age when even the smallest of
clothes are too big.
Big boy in even bigger clothing.

Swarm soccer.
The kids at this age basically move up and down the field.
A swarm.
Snacks from the concession stand make for a nice treat.

Even if it is granola bars.
"Mommy, I ran and ran but then I lost my breath."
Tae bossing the girls around.

Morgan won both playoff games today.

And practiced a little on our piano.

Our homeschool group met on Thursday.
Cooper ate some dirt and leaves.

All the moms were able to sit outside under our favorite willow tree.
The Forsythia were blooming and the grass
was nice and green from all the flooding.
Cooper played shy.

I made some delicious homemade macaroni and cheese
with the left over ham from Easter.
Total comfort food.

The Tooth Fairy visited my baby this week
and left him $2 for his first tooth.
We explained that only the first tooth gets a lot of money.
"Mommy-I think it's kinda gross that the Tooth Fairy collects everyones teeth."
So do I, Tae.
So do I.

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Joni Rae said...

Hah! Cooper looks like a little old man in that picture!!!