Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Happenings

Easter was an eventful day for us.
I found this old picture of Larry's mom. She made this Easter hat for a contest at the senior center where she used to live.

She passed away a year ago in October.

We loved her Easter spirit and miss her terribly.

Loving memories keep us going.
So do new traditions and old traditions and happy kids.

We love coloring Easter Eggs.

Even the teen joined us this year and decided we weren't so dorky after all and that egg coloring was pretty cool. "It's kinda relaxing", he said.

They all had green fingers when they were done.

Choosing and mixing colors was hard work.

The dyes should be put into very colorful bowls as well.
Okay-not really, but the bowls reminded me of colored Easter Eggs.


They made Patriotic eggs of red, white and blue.

Tae used a wax crayon to make designs.
The crayon resists the dye.

Harley had a nap while we dyed eggs.
Yes, he has a full belly.

We colored some brown eggs to see how they would turn out.
The emerald green was just stunning.
The mud color...not so much.
And look at the dark red one on the left front center.

Oh and at church we have bunnies brought in every Easter by
one of our church members.
So adorable.

Who needs blood pressure medication when you can hold a bunny?

Patrick wanted to bring one home.

Morgan protested wearing a dress hence the sulk on her face
and Tae was thrilled to wear his tuxedo.

Happy Springtime Everyone!

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