Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Am I Looking For?

The past year has been a learning experience for our family but I feel like I'm on a quest to find that something more. Maybe it is just what Mom's take upon themselves in our need to want to make the world right. I've learned a lot from my kids this year. I learned I yell too much, I learned I don't always manage my household and all it needs very well at times and I learned that I can't do it all. I may want to-but realistically-it's not going to happen. I've learned to let a lot go-like the crumbs on the counter and the never ending pile of laundry and I've learned that actually hanging the clothes on the line can be a meditative time for me. I've learned not to listen to the naysayers, who call me Amish, and instead choose to revel in the joy that all of our changes have brought our family.
I'm grateful that the economy tanked because I don't think I would have looked this microscopically at my life or the choices we made. I've learned that sometimes your chosen career leads you down a different path and makes you see things much clearer. I've learned that I want to be home with my kids and nurture and watch them grow into the incredible human beings that they are. I've learned that the family as a unit is not valued as it should be in our culture. I've learned that I have an amazing husband who should be celebrated everyday and not just on Father's Day.

I had a meeting at church this afternoon to discuss the possibility of starting a family ministry program. I am busy this fall-so coordinating will be a challenge, but it is so very much calling me if not beckoning me to be there. I am so appreciative of those that help and listen. My friend Renee' had mentioned that so many of us, because of the economy, are tightening our budgets, and Living with Intention.

Living with Intention.
That struck me and stuck with me.
Living with Intention.

I think I am there-at least mostly
. Being more aware of all that we do and the way we accomplish it.
Living with Intention.

Finding our true path of acceptance in homeschooling and listening to each other.
Living with Intention.

To know your kids, to truly know them, and have homeschooling just be a part of living, everyday in everyway in all that we do.
Living with Intention.
Perhaps, what I am looking for is something I already have.


Jane said...

Simply lovely, Bev.

homeschool mamma said...

thanks jane.

Karyn said...

As we have moved further and further down the path of homeschooling and homesteading, I've been surprised at how "mindlessly" I used to do things. I hope, and feel, like we're moving in the right direction. Thanks for the reminder!

homeschool mamma said...

It's like a GPS for life!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

What a lovely post. I've learned some of the same things this year. And I seem to be on the same kind of search. :)

P.S. Your garden is beautiful! Makes me want to go clean mine up...

Julie said...

I was just thinking yesterday that this recession is actually a good thing for the country. People are seem to be realizing what matters in life, and what is just "stuff".
ps: I've also been called Amish, but for different reasons..lol

homeschool mamma said...

Maybe if I take the insult "amish" as a complement I might change how I look at things. I'm happy and proud at what I have accomplished. Yes, And I agree, the recession has been good. Thank you Crunchy Mom-I find peace and a chance to pray and connect to all that is above me while gardening!