Sunday, June 7, 2009

Closing Out the Homeschool Year

It's been a very full school year and we are all ready for some down time, some summer fun and some swimming. It is always at the end of the year that makes me the proudest at how much we've accomplished and managed to fit into our lives. We have finished our third year of homeschool. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Some books we managed to get all the way thru, others we have yet to open and maybe will enjoy them under the Willow Tree while enjoying a picnic lunch. The kids did well this year with a more relaxed curriculum. We took every possible opportunity to attend field trips and get together with friends when time and finances allowed. Getting out to learn about the world really helped the kids learn new things and expand their horizons.

We took our first adventure into raising chickens for farm fresh eggs and currently have 11 more babies in the brooder. The kids have been a huge help in constructing coops, feeding and caring for the birds.
The field trip to Johnson and Wales Culinary Museum was great fun.

Tae explored his creativity and imagination.

He colored and cut and learned numbers and letters.

We made Gingerbread with some friends.

We experimented at the kitchen table.

Had family time at the beach.

Mummified Barbie dolls when we learned about Ancient Egypt.

We made new friends as our homeschool group called The Meetinghouse was launched. This month we celebrate our one year anniversary. It is an amazing bunch of kids who have all become friends and the mom's have become my friends and support system as well.

We did a fundraiser for my husbands Hearing dog and raised enough to sponsor a total of 4 dogs for hearing impaired, injured vets and a wheelchair bound person. My friend Lori helped with fundraising. Here she gives me a congratulatory kiss.

We created lots of art work. We painted, colored, chalked, etched, sculpted, molded and glued some beautiful creations and keepsakes.

The kids took an Art Class for several weeks and enjoyed it immensely.

We learned how to make rubber eggs and how to bend bones.

We took field trips and learned about Sea Creatures, 1800's working farms, visited Air Museums, prowled the Zoo, visited a Reptile show, took many hikes and nature walks and learned to be more self sustaining in all that we do.

We stayed active in our church and welcomed Burundi families for a potluck, learned how to worm compost and make natural cleaners to help protect mother earth. Patrick visited other faith communities as part of his Neighboring Faiths Curriculum and Morgan and Tae learned about our 7 principals of our Unitarian Faith. We carried those lessons into our homeschool days and brought back the family dinner and saying grace. I worked in our Small Group Ministry program, Worship partners, our Church Visioning Weekend, the Capital Campaign and Larry joined the board of the church.

We learned to bead and share and enjoy what the day offered.

We read (devoured) books that interested us and took utter delight in reading for enjoyment.

We walked and explored and watched and listened to all that was around us.

We learned how to learn and did it together.

Our family has become closer and enjoys being with one another.
That has been the greatest gift of all.

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Kate in NJ said...

Looks like a marvelous year filled with learning and fun!