Saturday, June 27, 2009

And the Thunder Rolls

We were supposed to have all of the Homeschool Group over today for a picnic. I was really optimistic that the rain would go away because the day started sunny and 82 degrees. They were predicting Thunder storms all day and by 1pm I had to cancel the party. I'm glad I did because everything was soaked in the downpours. The picnic was supposed to start at 4pm, just when the first storm hit. We were going to have a campfire and catch fireflies but with all the rain the most we can catch is mosquitos and mushrooms. I will admit...I love storms...just not at my picnics when I'm expecting forty people.

The storms moved in very quickly. I don't know why but this reminds me of God's Eye.

We watched it roll in over the trees.

Faster it came.

And then this huge mushroom cloud exploded upwards out of nowhere.

And grew larger.
And played games of lightening tag and sounded very angry.
And as quick as it came it started to disappear but it still sounded very angry.
But the day was not completely lost. We managed to get our first swim in a very cold pool but it felt sooooo good for just a few minutes.
Morgan managed to annoy her big brother with a piggy back ride.
Tae had a great time. We pulled him out when his lips turned blue.
Stewie the wonder dog had a great time on the dirt pile from the pool install-yes last year and we still haven't taken care of the dirt.
Maybe we'll leave it for him to dig in.
Stewie even has his own pool. Spoiled dog. Never met a lab that didn't love water.

Hope you are having a great start to your summer too!

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