Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Each Spring we have to clean out our Koi pond. It's a horrible job but one that is necessary. As you walk by and the pond smells "swampy"-it's usually a pretty good sign that it's time.

Larry starts by skimming the top of debris and leaves and the pampas grass clippings.

But eventually he has to scoop down to the bottom and get all the muck out.

Tae helped cut all the grasses down and then raked out the beds.

Eventually, Larry has to get into the pond.

The Koi are not amused and like to brush by his legs.

Every once in a while you hear a little yell because he thinks it's a Garden Snake.

Today he worked on rebuilding the waterfall.

The winter snow had displaced a lot of rocks and the Racoons like to come and move the rocks looking for bugs and scrumptious things to eat.

The water lillies were completely overgrown. We cut the overgrown roots off the bottom and repotted them. I hate this job. The lillies are full of muck and stink. Then we stink.

The kids moved my glider swing out under the Willow Tree.

The big pampas grasses were cut back. They really need to be divided but we can do that anytime during the summer. They are so hardy they don't mind being hacked apart.

Buddha is quite happy to have some sun.

He entertained the chickens today.

We redid the boulders at the opposite end of the pond and create another small waterfall.

The water will be murky for about another week but will clear up soon. We started feeding the fish today but only in small amounts. The water is still quite cold and their metabolism is still slow so we do a bit at a time.

My yard is just blossoming with spring time.

Isn't it pretty?

The chickens have been very happy freeranging throughout the yard.

They are fertilizing and eating tons of bugs and ticks.

We got our cold weather crops in. Brocoli, spinach, lettuce, peas, beans and onions. We'll be planting the rest of the garden soon.

Happy May Day!

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