Monday, May 2, 2011

Signs of Spring

We've been outside enjoying the sunshine this week. Our homeschool year is winding down. The kids are a few weeks ahead in some lessons and it gives us ample opportunity to be outside.

While I love spring, I don't love the weeds. There are dandelions everywhere this year.

The Violets grow in abundance here and by next week I will be picking them to make Violet jelly. I made a big batch last year and it makes a great glaze for hams or chickens. It's also very yummy on top of cream cheese and a bagel.
If you search on the this blog you will find the recipe for Violet Jelly.

The Lemon Balm is already coming up in huge amounts. It makes delicious tea, lemon extract and fills out flower bouquets with such a lovely smell.

The brocolli has grown quite a bit.

The onions have been planted.

My buddha has a bit of a head injury after the long winter.

He happily sits next to my sage plant.

Tae found some time to play on the Zip Strip.

When did he get so tall?

Or cute?

The Maple trees are starting to blossom with the Chartreuse green, tender buds.

I'm happy to use my clothes line as well.

The chickens are finding tons of bugs and ticks to eat.

But....this is a problem.

They love this garden for dirt baths.

I don't know how we are going to put mulch in it this year.

They really do make a mess of my side walk and seedlings.

The view from my upper deck shows the chickens having a wonderful time.

While it looks like a chicken massacre...believe's not.

These girls roll around, upside down and sideways to make sure every inch of their feathers is covered in dirt. They always look awful afterward.

Moonlight the cat just strolls by them totally oblivious to their glory.

She learned long ago to leave the chickens alone.

A few too many pecks and she went running.

See? Dirty chickens.
Destroyed garden.

Divots and caverns where they lay. My seedlings gone.

I believe next weekend we will be building a small fence.


What's blooming where you live?

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