Sunday, November 7, 2010

We Eat the Brains

Our Homeschool group had a Halloween Party.
We made purple Jello brains.

And then we ate them.

We ate the cake of fire too.

Harry Potter cast a spell on us.

The cauldron was extra bubblicious.

The kids decorated Halloween bags
that were filled with treats.
Yes, we loaded the kids up with candy.

And green glow in the dark stretchy skeletons.

Love these stamps right next to the Harry Potter wand.

And in keeping with the season, this nasty thing made an appearance in my house and then quickly disappeared much to my dismay.

Tae did some map work.
We talked about the oceans this week.

And we learned about the Mayflower and Pilgrims.

Harley showed us the proper way to nap.

Tae did some painting.

We had our church fellowship event.
It was so much fun.

Cooks in the kitchen.

Homemade pizza's that were delicious.

Lots of smiles everywhere.

My sweetness and light.

More sweetness and light.

Hugs and Laughter everywhere.

Serenading and singing.

Feeding the masses.

One talented congregation.

The kids enjoyed icecream sundae's.
Okay so did the adults.
We finished our fellowship weekend with worship on Sunday. The children's choir sang and some of our congregation members displayed this painting of our church. It was done on building blocks as we wait for our Parish house to be built. Each committee member brought up a block showing how it takes everyone for such a large commitment.
It takes a village....

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