Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving at our house is pretty low key. We spent the day with some friends, we said grace and we each said one thing we are grateful for.

Tae is grateful for Turkey legs.


My turkey looked fabulous.

It tasted even better.

Homemade cranberry apple sauce.

Did I mention the Turkey?

And cornbread.
The chickens quite appreciated this the next day.

A beautiful Thanksgiving Day table.
And the Macy's day parade on in the background.

Lovely chocolate pilgrim hats made by our neighbors.

Apples getting ready for the pie.

I brined the Turkey this year.
It was so moist.
I will do it again next year.
My BFF sent me this beautiful bouquet for the center of my table.

On the homeschool front, we took the week off.
The kids had fun with Dominos and matchbox cars.

And made some salt dough shape thingies.

But then I realized they weren't actually playing Dominos but using them as
crashable walls for the matchbox cars. How ingenious!
Too much fun......until the Policeman got run over
and someone had to go to jail.

Morgan painted some drums.

Is there anything better than tubes of bright paint?

Except maybe a bright yellow huge pillow used as a hat
while the dog eyes you suspiciously?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Kate in NJ said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!