Monday, October 11, 2010

Volunteering with Children

It is often difficult to find Volunteer opportunities for children. Our homeschool group ENRICHri has done a great job of trying to instill volunteerism in children of all ages. Once a month our group volunteers at the Johnny Center and today we volunteered at the Sharing Locker. Almost a year ago our church started the Sharing Locker as a means to reach out to the community. The Sharing Locker helps those who are currently using the SNAP program. It is a non-food pantry.

Donations of all kinds are received to help families in need. Shampoo, conditioner, dishsoap, razors, pet foods, laundry detergents, diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products and a whole host of other items are collected. Once a month the Sharing Locker opens it's doors to the public and gives away needed supplies.

In recent months, The Sharing Locker has almost doubled it's number of clients that it is serving. They have been in more need of help and supplies.

Our Homeschool group, some neighborhood kids and some church members all gathered today to mix and separate out laundry detergent. The kids mix the detergent in big batches by following the recipe, scoop it out into individual containers, label and stack them in boxes.

Folks of all ages and stages (and not just homeschoolers) came with
open hearts and helping hands.

We made 3 huge batches of Detergent and 103 separate containers for
The Sharing Locker's opening on the 16th.

We had 12 children and 5 adults helping today.

Detergent Recipe:
2 boxes of Borax
6 boxes of Ivory Snow Flakes
3 boxes of Arm and Hammar Washing Soda
Use 1-2 teaspoons-may need to be adjusted for your washing machine.
When we were done we smelled all soapy and clean.

The kids rested for a bit after cleanup.

And we joined some friends at the playground for lunch while the moms were able to talk. It was a gorgeous fall day. The kids collected acorns and mushrooms and explored the nearby woods.
A great day with friends, church family and neighbors.
What do you do to promote volunteerism in children?


Becky said...

You are right, it's really tricky to get volunteering opportunities for children. Here in the UK there seem to be a lot of regulation and insurance issues - probably the same as the US?

Great job you are doing there with the Sharing Locker - what a wonderful idea, and great example of Social Justice in action.

The Mom said...

Hi Becky,
Yes it is hard to find volunteer jobs for little ones and big ones. Having three children from age 6-14 makes it more difficult. Most food and non food pantries have jobs that even little ones can do. Mixing, boxing, stacking, helping to carry bags. We have also done cemetary cleanups. I think it's a matter a being inventive and seeking out opportunities.

Sara said...

It is tricky to find good volunteer projects for kids - as a DRE at a UU church I'm always on the lookout! This project looks perfect! Good for all of you for doing it. :)