Saturday, October 2, 2010

Too Busy to Blog

Updating our homeschool days with a photo heavy blog post.

Patrick worked on some school work. He is using my old antique sewing desk as a workspace. Siince the sewing machine doesn't work I think this is a great use.

Patrick worked on his photography.
I love this buddha peeking out from my sage.

We did a lot of book work.

Our church Parish house was torn down to make way for newer larger building.
It was sad to see it go but exciting that soon our new building will be here.
It will provide opportunity to reach more community.

We took a field trip with the kids to watch it come down.
Morgan worked on some drawings.

We had a homeschool meeting with our Community Leaders.
Everyone brought yummy food to share.
It was a great meeting full of fellowship and fun.
Lots of sharing of ideas and great community.

Melissa talked about a new art program.

The prints were beautiful!
We'd really like to get an art class together for the homeschoolers.

The Lego Robotics team worked really hard.

Morgan built a robot.

More photography by Patrick.

Our Thursday group painted peace signs for the art project this week.


Great colors.

I worked with Tae on his Math Gnomes.
Green is plus.
Yellow is Times.
Blue is Minus.
Red is Divide.
He has created stories to go with the Math Gnomes
and we work on these each week.
They look better with eyeballs.
Do you like my painting behind them?
I call it eyeball.


Morgan and Tae worked on some paintings.

Lovely paintings.

Ms. Precision worked on a turtle.

Harley took a nap with Patrick.

We went out on Saturday night to see my husband's brother perform in the big city.
All of the cousins came.
Great Time.
Me, Larry and all the cousins.

Harley took another nap.

We made Halloween crafts too.
Ignore my son's helmet.
Doesn't everyone wear a helmet while crafting?
The kids made bendy halloween figures.

Some of the moms did too.

Choosing fabric was a difficult choice.

Choosing the hair was harder.

Everyone kept busy.

Some made googly eyed vampires.

And Zombies.
Yes I know he has an eyeball on his arm.
Eyeballs seem to be a recurring theme in this post.
Vampire Snowmen.

And skinny, bendy green faced guys.

We played a lively game of "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader."
No, apparently we are not.

I'm pretty sure the score keeper was cheating.
What did you do this week for homeschool?

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Becky said...

Great post! Loved looking at your pictures. Nice to see what other homeschoolers are doing.

We didn't do much this week because I am ill, but the children have been practising instruments, playing play do, doing K'nex, watching wildlife documentaries, reading, painting, making biscuits, cooking dinner, making a paper mache giant squid and various other things.

So they've been busy!