Friday, November 20, 2009

Happenings This Week

I thought I would share some random pictures from this week's activities.

Patrick is studying the heart and circulatory system.

He drew this awesome picture of the heart.

Today we were blessed with 9 eggs from 10 laying hens. Awesome.

The girls are laying very well. We've had 24 eggs in 3 days.

Morgan made purple spaghetti.

I have been stock piling our cabinets again. This is my pantry all organized.

Another cabinet that was reorganized and restocked.

Our homeschool group met and made these really cool turkeys.

Love the Turkey toupee'.

So much cutting and gluing and pasting.

This says, "Star nose mole lion giraffe."

Morgan is studying genetic traits.

This is the animal she came up with if she crossed 3 different species.

Totally a star nose mole lion giraffe.

Tae made a "to do" list. It says, "sleep in Morgan's room, hide in the attic (with) dad. He wrote this all by himself. My aspiring Kindergartener!

Tae worked on his first grade math book. He blasted through his Kindergarten math in about 12 weeks. We love the counting bears for helping with Math.

How was your week?

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