Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Letter Mm

I'm wondering how other people do it. Life I guess. This past week I was very overwhelmed with homeschooling three kids, managing my home and all of the other life events. Months back I started a household manual to help me stay organized and a homeschool filing system. I've barely used either. I need to get back on track with my groceries and spending too. Somedays it's just harder than others.
This week we covered the letter Mm.
Tae worked on his word wall words. He had Many Mm words this week. Many of them he is recognizing but now he's starting to sound words out.
It's really neat to see his brain working and processing the information.
We also started making letter file folders. He can look through magazines and cut out letter for beginning sounds or just draw the pictures.
These people shapes came from Lakeshore Learning.
They come in all colors and Tae had fun making a "me" person.

His "me" person has mittens.

And stayed at the table while he colored the letter Mm.
And ate dinner with us too.
We learned Mary had a little Lamb and Mary, Mary Quite Contrary for Nursery Rhymes and our two months that begin with Mm-March and May. And of course Monday!
I've been using some printable mini books from . They have some great books for the kids. Each letter has a different book and we read it every day with Tae.
Starfall also has a great computer game for the kids. Their printable mini-books reinforce the computer lesson. There is so much good stuff online now for curriculum choices and things to supplement their learning.

The art project this week was making Macaroni necklaces.
I took several cool shapes of macaroni and put them in bowls.
I added a couple of tablespoons of vinegar to each bowl along with food coloring.
Each bowl needed about 10 drops of coloring to get really vibrant colors.
Stir everything up so that it's well mixed.
All of the Macaroni needs to be wet with vinegar and color.

We used green, red and blue.
Let the Macaroni sit in the liquid for 30 minutes.

Ditalini pasta works well for little hands.

Then we drain off the vinegar and dry the Macaroni on a big cookie sheet covered in towels. Keep blotting to get extra moisture off. The Macaroni will take at least a day to dry.
You can speed the process by drying in a microwave if you want.

After we finished beading the Macaroni, Morgan and Tae made more people figures and created a home for them. I wonder if the people will fold the two loads of laundry so eloquently displayed in the background. One can only hope.

We keep all of our work on this cork board. The mini-books are placed here so that everything is in one spot. On Sundays when I do lesson plans, Tae likes to sneak in to see what letter and other fun stuff we covering.
What do you for Kindergarten?

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