Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Repurposed Cabinet

We desperately needed more storage in our home. I had this old white beat up jelly cabinet in my basement. I love it. My husband hates it.

 I wanted to do something to spruce it up and since I've been spending so much time on Pinterest, I was inspired to repurpose it.

 I had some lovely fabric with a farm theme. It was easy enough to measure the panels and cut them out.

 A hefty dose of Mod-Podge was all it took to stick the fabric to the panels. I wasn't so much worried about the edges since they would be covered up with trim.
 The panels went up very quickly. Note to self: Always check the direction of the pattern BEFORE gluing the fabric down.

 Before I knew it, all four panels were up and the cabinet was looking quite good.
 I trimmed out each panel with some antique black ribbon and my trusty hot glue gun.
And Voila! A new old cabinet that looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I just need to get some new knobs to finish it and have a beautiful tassel to hang from it. The whole project took me about an hour and a half. And guess what? My husband likes it!

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crafty :)