Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Up and Running

Thanks to a very nice reader, I was able to delete some old albums. If your looking for blog posts prior to 2010........they may be missing pictures. Sorry for the inconvenience but in order to keep blogging and not pay for more photo storage-it was a must do.

Starting this week I will have some new posts. In the meantime, here's what we've been up to:
-we took a week's vacation in New Hampshire.
-we added 8 new baby chickens to our flock of 8.
-we planted a huge garden and I have lettuce and all kinds of greens coming out my ears.
-our homeschool group has been growing like gangbusters and keeping me very busy.
-my daughter won the division soccer tournament, got braces and grew 2 inches.
-I ordered a whole new curriculum for the two youngest kids.
-this year I will have a 10th grader-yikes.
-my Lyme test came back positive resulting in more health complications. ARRGGGHH.
-I've tried tons of new recipes.
-We have a house blessing coming up in July.
-we will be spending the 4th of July on a boat with friends watching fireworks over the lake.
-I discovered I love my DROID.
-we bought 10 yards of mulch that still isn't moved.
-we've taken several homeschool field trips.

Stay tuned for some posts and some blog changes.


Contessa Kris said...

Oh good! I'm so glad it worked for you. I thought for sure you would be able to delete some things. Lovely to hear about your new chickens. Hope to see pics soon! P.S. i love my Droid too, although its had problems lately. But only lately.

The Mom said...

DROID-it shuts off all by itself. Annoying.

Contessa Kris said...

All the way off or goes into sleep mode? If its going into sleep mode, you can change the length of that time, or turn sleep mode off completely. If its turning the whole thing off and its charged up, that's a problem.