Monday, December 27, 2010

Studying Australia

Right before the Holidays, we did some studies on Australia.

Enchanted Learning has some wonderful unit studies.
I've been pulling a lot of homeschool material from their website.

Years ago, my inlaws signed us up for Highlights magazine. It was called Which Way USA Book Club. We have all of the United States packets but have not worked our way through them just yet. The country packets are called Top Secret Adventures. So far we have done Japan and China. The packets come with a book all about the country, puzzles, maps,
passports and a mystery to solve.
Tae has really been loving these.
He especially loves the mapwork and puzzles.

The packet included the smaller map of Australia. Once we had studied the different territories
we moved on to find Australia on the globe.

The bigger map now hangs on our classroom wall.
As we study each country, we put a sticker on the map and stamp his passport.

The passport comes with stickers from each country.
The workbooks contain crossword puzzles, word searches, riddles and all kinds
of fun things to do to help solve the mystery.
You can see a sample here.

Tae is always happy to point out our homestate and then see
how far away our unit study country is.

We studied Australian animals and Tae made this cute Koala mask.
So cute!
We also studied Kangaroos, made a didgeridoo out of wrapping paper rolls
and painted some Aboriginal art masks.
You can find a link for the mask templates and patterns here.

I bought these masks from Oriental Trading.
They were supposed to be African masks but worked just fine for Australia.

Excuse the nose picking. He's six.
Tae chose really bright colors for his mask and
made patterns of dots and stripes.
To paint the dots he used the eraser end of a pencil.

What unit studies have you done?

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